Acreage / Rural

Every property has its unique requirements, and at Fencepac we supply everything that you could need to meet the demands of acreage or rural land. This includes everything from wire and wire fencing to keep in pets and livestock, rural logs, timber posts and star pickets, as well as electric fencing products and cattle handling equipment. Fencepac has fencing installation equipment that results in greatly improved efficiency and a reduction in timeframes of up to 66%.

Types Of Acreage / Rural

Wire Fencing

Fencepac supplies a large range of wire and wire fencing, perfect for fencing off large areas around your acreage property, or for keeping in pets and livestock.

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Electric Fencing

Fencepac supply a range of electric fencing products, from post insulators to battery and solar energizers. The majority of our products are from a leading Australian electric fence supplier Gallagher.

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